An Emotional Weekend

After an incredible first-annual fundraising event, our family received devastating news about a friend.

What an emotional weekend. Thank you to all of you that attended our very successful PINK event Friday night! I am in humble awe of your love and support, and the cause of The Redden Foundation. It means more than you will ever know, and we cannot wait until our 2015 event.

Speaking of cancer...

A few hours after our event, Rex and I received a call that our long time friend, Deanne lost her son to cancer while undergoing chemotherapy. He was 32, and had been diagnosed with a stage 1 cancer just a few weeks ago.

As a person who has gone through chemo, surgery, and radiation, I am once again humbled in regard this horrific disease. It is a hard fight. It is a fight that only a cancer patient understands, even though each persons fight is different. The treatment of cancer has many side effects, risks, and no guarantees. And as a cancer survivor, you open your eyes every morning to face the fact that your mortality has been shortened. That is the nature of this terrible disease.

So tonight, I ask that you keep our dear friend, Deanne, and her family in your prayers. She has been so unbelievably supportive of me through my cancer treatment; she has worn pink every Wednesday since Christmas, and everyday this month. I am a better person because Deanne is in my life, and we think of her as family. She is one of the most amazing women I have ever met in my life, and my heart breaks for her..

Deanne- we all love you and would do anything for you. xoxo


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