Another Update on Random Acts of Kindness

Nothing fills your heart more than showing gratitude and giving to others. More Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK) have been happening all over east Idaho!

100_tip.pngOn Day 22, I left a little extra tip for our server - as I remember the first time I got a big tip when I waited tables 22 years ago!

 On Day 23, we visited a Salvation Army bell ringer!










Day 24 & 25! I saw this guy riding his bike on Sunnyside Road, so I stopped at this crosswalk and gave him a few bucks... Some people don't agree with this because "he will probably buy cigarettes and booze with it." And to that I say - he can spend the cash however he chooses...I'm not the one pulling all of my belongings behind a bicycle. In November. ‪#‎leavethejudgingtogod‬ ‪#‎helpothers‬ ‪#‎giveback‬ ‪#‎iamsoblessed‬


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