Tiffany is DONE with treatment!

Tiffany is heading home from her last round of treatment in Texas at the MD Anderson Cancer Center.  Read more

Cancer SURVIVOR Confession - Diet & Cancer

For the first time since my cancer diagnosis, I was told yesterday by my oncologist that there is a link between cancer and the Western Diet. I have thought this all along, but not one of my eight oncologists told me this…until now. Interesting to say the least. Read more

Distinguished Under 40 Award: Tiffany Redden

The Greater Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce honors Tiffany Redden, founder of The Rex & Tiffany Redden Foundation, with a Distinguished Under 40 Award for her outstanding accomplishments in business and community service. Read more

The Idaho Falls Chukars GO PINK!

THANK YOU for supporting Breast Cancer Awareness and all things PINK Idaho Falls Chukars!  Read more

Cancer SURVIVOR Confession - My 39th Birthday

My 39th birthday was the best and most meaningful birthday of my life. THANK YOU for all of the sweet messages you sent me. As I re-read last night those birthday wishes, I reflected back to my time in chemo, and how I have wondered for a long time what my 39th birthday would be like after cancer... I knew it would be different, but I didn't know how. And now I do. Birthdays are miracles drenched in blessings and all things LOVE. I thought I knew that before cancer, but I really didn't. I fought so hard for my life, and now, after the cancer fight, I truly understand that statement and how this birthday was different than the last 38. A few weeks ago, Rex asked me what I wanted for my birthday,  Read more

Cancer SURVIVOR Confession - BIG SMILES

HUGE & THANKFUL smile right now! I received my third genetic test result back and I tested negative for the P53 gene mutation!!! I feel like a million pounds have been lifted from my shoulders! I am beyond thankful and humble right now..... Such an unbelievably peaceful feeling after battling two cancers. If you don't know what P53 is, here is a link: #blessed #feelyourboobies

My Rex

Have I mentioned that I have the best husband ever? I cannot possibly say enough.  Read more

Tired Eyes

Waiting for my oncology plastic surgeon to take pics, which is the last part of my treatment plan prior to cancer surgery in July (hence the very blue wall behind me!).  Read more

My First Wednesday

This is the first Wednesday since Christmas that I have not had chemo. I'm so thankful to have a bit of a break, even if it's to get tested, poked, and prodded.  Read more

This Pic Says it All

A beautiful spring day in Idaho.    Read more

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