Pink Wednesdays

Our incredible staff has put together Pink Wednesdays. This has turned into my favorite day of the week.  Read more

Dancing with the Idaho Falls Stars 2014

The American Cancer Society hosts a really exciting kick-off to their annual event, Relay for Life. The event is called Dancing with the Idaho Falls Stars and we were happy to support this year's competition.  Read more

First Wig Selfie!

First selfie with my wig on.  Read more

Get Tested

I have NO family history of breast cancer, though I was diagnosed at age 38 with stage 2B triple negative breast cancer.  Read more

I Will Win

This, my friends, is what stage IIB breast cancer looks like after six weeks of chemo. Read more

Kitty's Blanket

My Bella and one of my #blanketsforbreastcancer. I (along with the help of my posse!) make a blanket every week to give to give to a fellow chemo patient.  Read more

Time to Shave

My hair is falling out really fast, so I asked Rex to shave my head.  Read more

Giving Back

While at my weekly chemo today, I noticed a fellow chemo patient who looked sad and tired. His clothes, hat, and socks were tattered. His shoes were worn. He did not have a coat. He would not make eye contact with me. I could not get the image out of my mind. I do not know his name, however, I do know he and I have chemo on the same day and we are fighting the same fight.  Read more

Makin' Blankets

Cheers to a successful day of blanket shopping and spreading awareness Read more

The Letter

As I opened up this mail today, I realized, yet again, how extremely blessed I am. Rex and I went to MD Anderson Cancer Hospital a couple of weeks ago to get another opinion for the very rare peritoneal cancer I was diagnosed with in September. While there, my doctors sent me for exams, tests, CT scans, labs, ultrasounds, and biopsies. I felt like a pin cushion... Read more

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